What we do…

Based in Memphis, TN, Koehler Visuals provides web site design for businesses ranging from small to gigantic.  Our clients include non-profits in the transportation industry, electronics manufacturing firms, Federal government and Department of Defense.  From basic web sites to e-commerce and SharePoint, Koehler Visuals has over 20 years experience with this ever-changing technology field.

We also analyze technology, from cameras to networking products and software, and all points in between.  Koehler Visuals is an associate member of the Consumer Technology Association and a technology consultant for our clients.  We attend the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  in Las Vegas to evaluate the latest technology as useful for our client companies.

Our president, Don Koehler, has been selected a judge for the CES Inovations Design and Engineering Awards for the past 3 years.  This prestigious award has been sought after by electronics manufacturers worldwide for their soon-to-release products.